From small beginnings. Expanding the range of grape varieties.

After a couple of years Richard and Julie got the 'itch' to make a different sort of wine and chose Merlot, as it is one of their favourites. Again Richard laid out another 4 acres, put in the infrastructure and planted his beloved Merlot grapes. They had great success with the 2007 Merlot as it won a silver medal at the Blackwood Show and very quickly sold out!

Horses, Pinot and Sparkling Wine

Naturally over time there have been a few changes. Half of the chardonnay has been regrafted as Pinot to allow Richard to indulge in his passion for sparkling wines – a decision vindicated by the success of the 08 vintage sparkling. Some years have been a wash out. The 09 crop lost out to powdery mildew, but the Parishes won’t lower the standard – if the grapes are no good then they won’t make wine. This uncompromising stance means that their wines are always as good as they can be; nurtured in the field by Richard and fermented to peak potential by Mike. Bronze and silver awards from wine shows attest to their efforts as does a strong local repeat customer base.

Horse Sense

While the wine is a high priority, horses are a key feature in the management and success of Parish Lane Wines:

Their success can also be judged by the number of horses that Julie has been able to inveigle onto the block. Rumour has it that their very first horse arrived with a shed. The horse was old, the shed was new and acted as a retirement annuity for Ned. He needed a companion so an unrideable Silver was added (names were already fixed so Julie cannot be blamed for a lack of originality for a white/grey horse). After that something rideable seemed logical so Tiger, an ex trotter arrived. Seeing him reverse out of a horse float was one of the highlights of Julie’s life - after marrying Richard of course. However the dynamics of two lively horses and one more sedate meant that the retiree kept being encouraged to gallop down the vines. A little worrying as occasionally the octogenarian would stumble and trip before he flailed his way back onto his feet. As a solution to this Fransicsa trotted onto the block and ran about with Tiger while Silver and Ned kept more sedate company in another paddock. Then, when the inevitable end of Ned’s retirement was reached, another companion for Silver was needed – enter Bugsy another ex trotter. Julie now has to invite friends round to help ride them all! And somehow Richard has had less opposition to his schemes for another block of vines, a newer ute and some vital, but unrecorded, bits of machinery.

Latest News and Announcements

Its alwasy busy on a vineyard. If the grapes have been picked, then the nets need packing away. Then we enter the pruning season - all done by hand. After that there is mulching, repairs to carry out and machinery to maintain. Then, if we are really lucky we can take a short break before the new season starts

What People Say

The 2009 Cabernet Merlot travelled well and stood the test of time....delicious

Donna Teresa Cook

Great Bubbly!

Marilynn Horgan