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Every vintage the same group of friends gather to lend a hand and somehow the picking becomes more of a day out than a chore.  Gossip is shared across rows and the fitter members lug baskets of grapes to the ute.  Breaks are frequent, whether for tea, lunch or just to find out why Richard was laughing so much. At the end of the day a trailer sits loaded with huge boxes stuffed with the promise of a new wine. This is the time to sit back in the last glow of the evening sun, to drink the previous vintage and imagine the possibilities before you. We’d like to think that the joy Richard and Julie feel in living their dream sneaks into the bottle, but you’d need to drink some before you can decide….


Richard and Julie  produce Parish Lane Wines in small quantities, allowing a hands-on approach with all tasks. Hand picked fruit is aged in oak barrels for 12 months or longer prior to bottling. The hand crafted quality reflects the personality of the owners' established approach, and philosophy, to their vineyard, with a ‘close eye’ on quality and integrity, resulting in great tasting wines. 


It is always busy on a vineyard. If the grapes have been picked, then the nets need packing away. Then we enter the pruning season - all done by hand. But we always find time for our customers and are happy to answer any questions or fill any orders you may have. Please drop us a line or come and see us at the Albany Boat Shed Markets.


Richard and Julie

4 Moirs Rd, Kalgan

Western Australia 6330

0407 198 359 or 0459 785 512

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